Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Implausible Miracle of Movies

The world of novels, there's corruption and mediocrity, but in the end it's still a republic of letters.

But film is a tyranny, and the tyrant is money.

The great thing is that, in spite of that, impossibly, some people keep on smuggling out messages of hope from the other side, past the tyrant.

I mean, there shouldn't be one good movie made given the way it's structured, and yet there are many good movies made. That seems to me to be implausible and marvelous at the same time.

~ Richard Flanagan, screenwriter, Australia

The creative process is a miracle. Let the miracle unfold and trust in the magic of creation -- the magic that gets your words onto the page and the magic that gets those pages out into the world.

Don't worry about how the miracle works. Just sit down to write and let it.

Photo -- ABC Local Radio: Jane Munro.
Thanks to
Creative Screenwriting magazine's CS Weekly newsletter for the quote.

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