Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dare to Create. Dare to Write.

"Boldly go where no one has gone before."
~ Star Trek

Creative artists are innovators. Creative artists are trailblazers. Creative artists go where others dare not go.

Your job as a creative artist is to write what yearns to be released from you onto the page. Not as others have done it in the past. Not as others tell you to do it. But as only you can: with your unique history, style and voice.

Don't write what you think you should. Write what you must. Write it as only it can be written. Write it now!

How can you be more daring your writing today?
How can you be more daring in your life today?
How can you blaze new trails and go where no one has dared to go -- in your writing and in your life?

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Annie McMahon said...

Great post! Love it.

thatgirlisfunny said...

Hi Mark,
I love it when people dare me to do stuff. I'll be back to visit. I feel the muse in you as I read your words.

I also have a blogcarnival that I publish thru blogcarnival.com weekly. I would love for you to contribute to it! "Staying Young - from the inside out" must include writing that feeds your soul.

Thanks for engaging my muse!