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The Muse & You with Mark David Gerson (#8): Radio About Writing, Creativity & Life

Episode Eight:
Thursday, Feb 18, 1pm ET
(click here to listen live or to the archived version any time after the show airs)

• Ask the Writing Coach (your questions for me about writing and creativity) and a special feature interview with book-marketer extraordinaire Penny Sansevieri author of Red Hot Internet Publicity: An Insider's Guide to Promoting Your Book on the Internet

If you want to know anything about online book marketing, there's no better person to ask than Penny C. Sansevieri. CEO of Author Marketing Experts, a decade-old San Diego-based PR firm that focuses on books and authors, Penny knows what exactly what it takes to harness the seemingly limitless resources of the internet and direct them aggressively and effectively to your benefit. She should: Penny was focusing her promotional efforts on the internet long before the rest of us came on board.

Her newest book, the just-revised and reprinted Red Hot Internet Publicity crams her vast experience and encyclopedic knowledge into 279 pages of tools, tips and advice, along with a cornucopia of web-related resources.

Wondering how to create a web site that sells? Or how to deal with Twitter?

How about getting your blog to work for you? Or the six need-to-know rules of 21st-century publicity?

Of course you should pick up Penny's book for the answers. But you should also tune in on February 18 when I ask her about these and other aspects of getting the word out to the world about you and your books in the sometimes-baffling internet age. You'll also have a chance to use three of the tools of the internet age to get your book-marketing questions to Penny: the BlogTalk Radio chatroom, Facebook and Twitter (see below).

Five Things Penny Wants You To Know About Web Marketing
1. Don't Listen to Your Mother: Be vocal!
2. Don't Languish in Obscurity: Get buyers to your web site.
3. Emphasize Your Personality: Get personal.
4. Be Helpful or Be Gone: Give your visitors reasons to return to your blog or web site.
5. Content Rules: Fill your site with good stuff!
~ adapted from Red Hot Internet Publicity

As usual during the first segment of The Muse & You, I'll offer some writing tips and inspiration and take your questions about writing and the creative process and about me and my books, The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write and The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy. Penny will be on right after that.

Please tune in, and bring your questions -- for me and for Penny!

There are three ways to ask questions of my and my guests or to post comments:
• Post your questions in the show's chat room (free Blog Talk Radio account required)
• Post your questions directly to me on Twitter (@markdavidgerson)
• Post your questions directly to me on on my Facebook wall

The Muse & You with Mark David Gerson, is all about writing and creativity, and it's for writers and readers alike -- an opportunity to listen to writers and creators of all sorts talk about how and why they create and, of course, about what they create. It's also an opportunity for you to ask your questions -- of me during the first segment of the show, when I offer writing tips and inspiration, and of my guests during the interview portion.

Listen to The Muse & You with Mark David Gerson on the third Thursday of every month at 1pm ET (10am PT). March guest TBA.

The Muse & You Show Archive
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