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The Muse & You with Mark David Gerson (#9): Radio About Writing, Creativity & Life

Episode Nine: Thursday, March 18, 1pm ET

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• Ask the Writing Coach (your questions for me about writing and creativity)
• Feature interview with singer/songwriter Teri Wilder.

If you have Sprint Mobile, Teri Wilder is already a familiar voice when you check your phone messages. She's the sound of Sprint voice mail. But if that's the only place you know her from, you're in for a surprise on The Muse & You #9. Because Teri's also an accomplished singer/songwriter whose music has inspired congregants in New Thought churches all over the U.S for more than a decade.

As I'm not a Spint customer (sorry, Teri), I first heard about Teri when a mutual Facebook friend insisted that we connect. Once we did, I discovered an even more significant connection: my friend Rev. Carla McClellan, who interviews me most months on her Spiritual Coaching radio show, is one of Teri's best friends. But it wasn't until I heard Teri perform her own songs at Albuquerque's Unity Spiritual Center that I knew I wanted her on this show as my first songwriter guest.

Each thought is new, each word is new / Every sound you thing you’ve ever heard is new / The sky is new, the earth is new / Every instant brings another birth of you
~ Forever New, Teri Wilder

A warm, vibrant voice coupled with uplifting, heart-centered lyrics have made Teri Wilder a favorite with many New Thought congregations. As Rev. Chris Michaels of the Kansas City Center for Spiritual Living put it, "Teri Wilder sings with her whole body, spirit and soul. She can change your life with a song."

In this episode of The Muse & You, Teri may change your life with her songs. She'll share what inspires her, how she writes and how she got started. We'll also play some selections from Magical Moment, the latest of her three CDs, and maybe from the others, too. But there's more to Teri's creative life than her music, as inspiring as it is. We'll hear how she's expanded the reach of her lyrics by including them in a line of greeting cards. And we'll hear about some of her non-writing pursuits, including acting, comedy and jewelry-making.

I am the change that there must be / The road to peace begins with me / It starts with love — it starts with me / I am the change I want to see.
~ The Change, Teri Wilder (inspired by the words of Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi)

As usual during the first segment of The Muse & You, I'll offer some writing tips and inspiration and take your questions about writing and the creative process and about me and my books, The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write and The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy. Teri will be on right after that.

Please tune in, and bring your questions -- for me and for Teri!

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The Muse & You with Mark David Gerson, is all about writing and creativity, and it's for writers and readers alike -- an opportunity to listen to writers and creators of all sorts talk about how and why they create and, of course, about what they create. It's also an opportunity for you to ask your questions -- of me during the first segment of the show, when I offer writing tips and inspiration, and of my guests during the interview portion.

Listen to The Muse & You with Mark David Gerson on the third Thursday of every month at 1pm ET (10am PT). April guest: TBA. May guest: author Lev Raphael.

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