Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making The MoonQuest Movie a Reality

"In a land where fear rules and storytelling spells death, only one bard's imagination can end the tyranny."

If you've been following this blog, you know that I've long seen my visionary fantasy novel, The MoonQuest, as a movie. You probably also know that, through Anvil Springs Entertainment, that dream is on its way to becoming a reality.

To help accelerate that process, I'm now working with Anvil Springs to produce three short trailers -- one for The MoonQuest and one for each of its two sequels, The StarQuest and The SunQuest. Together the three stories (book and film) make up The Q'ntana Trilogy.

The trailers will be presented to investors in the coming months to inspire them to invest in a feature-film version of The MoonQuest, the first of the trilogy to be produced.

So far, for the trailers, we've assembled a stellar cast of actors, a dedicated crew and a committed production and postproduction staff. Most are local to New Mexico, but some are planning to travel to Albuquerque from Los Angeles next month for the film shoot. One of the many miracles surrounding this project is that everyone involved is not only a professional but a volunteer who believes passionately in the project. They're volunteering because our starting budget for these trailers was $0.

By the way, miracles have surrounded this project almost since the day the book came out.

It was at one of my very first book-signings, in an Albuquerque Borders Books & Music, that I met Kathleen Messmer, who had just created Anvil Springs and was on the lookout for new projects. She loved both the book (which hadn't yet won its multiple awards) and my screenplay adaptation, and the rest is history.

Well, almost...

Although we began trailer production on a zero budget, we've come to realize that there are some expenses we just can't avoid incurring, not least because New Mexico isn't the best resource for the medieval-style costumes, props and settings required for this type of fantasy.

That's where you come in.

Today, we launched a fundraising campaign on Indie GoGo, the web's premier platform for the grassroots financing of independent creative projects. With your help, we can raise not only our $3,000 Indie GoGo goal for The MoonQuest trailer, but an additional $2,000 to make sure that the StarQuest and SunQuest trailers are also filmed -- and that all three are of the superlative quality that will propel their respective features to the big screen.

To thank you for your contributions as low as five dollars, we're offering a series of gifts, ranging from a public thank you to a day on set during the filming of the trailer. In between, there are opportunities to get MoonQuest merchandise, a studio-photographed headshot, an hour's creativity or life coaching from me...and more. But you can give a gift of any amount -- even one dollar...or less.

A few hours ago, one of my Facebook friends posted this on my wall:
"I don't know anyone who is living their dream more than you."
I feel incredibly blessed to find myself in that place. With your help, I can take that dream to its next level -- not only for myself but for all those who will be touched by the life-affirming message of the Q'ntana stories.

Please share news about our Indie GoGo campaign and our project wherever you can -- on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, on blogs and to your friends. The more people who know about the campaign and the project it's supporting, the sooner you'll see The MoonQuest in a movie theatre near you!

Finally, if you would like to make other types donations (for example, bottled water, snacks, props, wardrobe, etc.) or have skills you can contribute, please write to us at

• Once again, here's the link to our Indie GoGo campaign.

Art Credits: MoonQuest movie graphics by Richard Crookes. MoonQuest book cover by Angela Farley.

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