Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Q'ntana Trilogy in Posters

I'm indescribably grateful to artist Richard Crookes for donating his time and talent to create these compelling images for our Q'ntana Trilogy movie posters.

The central image in The MoonQuest poster is the king's Wall of Traitors. Here is where the decapitated heads of storytellers and those found to harbor them are displayed for all to see.

The arch-villain in all three stories is Bo'Ra'K'n, a dreamwalker gone bad. In The MoonQuest his surrogate is the king. In The StarQuest, she is the quintessence of evil. Here, her finger pointed at the stars appears to cause the constellations to implode.

In this image, a circle of snakes appears to strangle the sun. To find out why that's so, you'll have to wait for The SunQuestbook and movie!

A version of this was Richard's initial suggestion for The MoonQuest poster. But the evil-looking face seemed to so personify Bo'Ra'K'n that we convinced Richard to save it for the trilogy poster.

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