Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Start...and Trust Your Inner Vision

Old Toshar: How do I start? This story has so many beginnings and no clear ending.
Na’an: Where all stories begin... Once upon a time.
~ The MoonQuest

Just start, and trust your inner vision.

Just start, and know that the words that long to pour from your heart will find their way onto the page — thought by thought, word by word, breath by breath.

For the words are there. The story is there. It exists already — in another dimension, a parallel reality. It exists with a life and an imperative of its own.

Just start, and know the words will flow. Know they will flow without having to know what they are or where they will carry you when you free your story to unfold onto the page.

See the words appear as magically as the lemon-juice ink we used as children to create invisible writing. Hold your page to the light — the light of your heart and the light of your truth — and let your words take shape.

Watch the letters form on the page. See them combine into words, the words join into sentences, the sentences unite into paragraphs and the paragraphs flow from page to page to page until the story is done, until the work is complete and you, who started with nothing but a blank page and faith in the power of your inner vision, are amazed and awestruck by the power of your pen.

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Tracy Jo said...

I totally love this. I just started my blog and this reminded me just to go with the flow and listen to my gut. Thank you!