Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Legacy of Trust

"You either trust or you do not. There is no halfway in between."
~ The Q'ntana Trilogy of fantasy novels and films

My laptop is amazing. At six years and two months old, and now considered a "legacy machine" by the folks at Apple, it's still chugging along, if a little limpingly: Its DVD drive no longer drives (although it does still consent to play the occasional CD); its screen is missing a small cluster of pixels (conveniently located off-center) and, unless I tilt the screen just so, a line of color (conveniently located two-thirds of the way down); most of its letters have rubbed off the keyboard (I must have acidic fingertips as this happens to all my computers: Thank God for Grade 9 touch-typing with Miss Stolow!); I can no longer shift-T with its left shift key (though I can with its cap-lock and right shift keys); and its processing speed can best be described as "sitting-on-the-front-porch-sipping-a-mint-julep leisurely."

But it must know that I haven't been in a position to replace it because it soldiers on, allowing me to finalize my three scripts for The Q'ntana Trilogy Movies (complete) and to finalize my novel manuscripts (currently in process) for The StarQuest and The SunQuest, Books II and III of the Q'ntana series.

It hasn't always been easy to trust my journey in the midst of these handicaps (and a handful of others -- all minor in the greater life-scheme of things...if nonetheless frustrating). But trust I must, or I risk betraying one of my trilogy's themes, as expressed in lines that appear in all three Q'ntana stories: "You either trust or you do not. There is no halfway in between."

Letting go (surrendering) and trusting in a higher wisdom that is, most always, beyond both my human mind's capacity to understand and my human hands' capacity to affect, is much of what my journey has been about, and what it remains about. So, like my miracle "legacy laptop," I soldier on, trusting that all is well because, despite external appearances, all always is.

And so I say, Thank you, MacBook Pro (early 2007 issue), for reminding me every day that my life is an ongoing act of surrender -- one supported by trust and buttressed by faith. That's a pretty awesome legacy for a legacy laptop!

Photo Credits: #1 Hipstamatic's vintage view of my legacy laptop; #2 source unknown

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