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Who's Who in Q'ntana: A Guide to the People, Places & Creatures of The Q'ntana Trilogy

I always insist that the unusual people, place and creature names in The MoonQuest, The StarQuest and The SunQuest are pronounced exactly as they look....but no one ever believes me! So, for the unbelievers and terminally confused, here's Who's Who & Pronunciation Guide to the world of Q'ntana.

The Place 
Much of trilogy is set in the mythical land of Q'ntana [kin-TAH-nah], a land where two suns shine in the sky. The larger sun, Aygra, rises in the east and sets in the west. The smaller sun, B'na [bih-NA], rises in the west and sets in the east. They meet at noon in what's known as "suns-merge." The moon is called M'nor [mih-NOR]

In The StarQuest, there is only one sun (Aygra), and land is knowns as M'ranna [mer-AN-ah].

The MoonQuesters 
• Toshar [TOE-shar] ~ Reluctant hero of The MoonQuest and, in his late teens, the youngest surviving bard (storyteller) in Q'ntana.
• Yhoshi [YOE-shee] ~ One of TosharOne of Tosharʼs three MoonQuest companions, along with Fynda and Garan. In his late teens.
• Fynda [FIN-da] One of Tosharʼs three MoonQuest companions, along with Yhoshi and Garan. In her late teens. 
• Garan [GA-rren, rhymes with Darren] ~ One of Tosharʼs three MoonQuest companions, along with Fynda and Yhoshi. His full name is Ryolan Ó Garan [RY-o-lin o GA-rren].

The StarQuesters & The SunQuesters
• Q'nta [KIN-tah] ~ Toshar's daughter
• Ben ~ A young man in his late teens when we first meet him in The StarQuest
• Tom Dirqs [Tom Durks] ~ A humanoid of indeterminate age but childlike energy. One of Q'nta's companions on The StarQuest.
• Mariah [ma-RY-ah] ~ A country girl in her early teens. One of Q'nta's companions on The StarQuest.
• Panesh [pa-NESH] ~ An "angarusha," one who walks between the dream and waking worlds. One of Ben's companions in The SunQuest.
• Janq'a [JAN-ka] ~ A dwarf-like man and one of Ben's companions in The SunQuest.
• My'leen [my-LEEN] ~ A woman in her early 20s and one of Ben's companions in The SunQuest.

Other Principal Q'ntana Characters 
• BoʼRaʼKʼn [bo-RAH-kin] The evil force behind all three stories in The Q'ntana Trilogy.
• Eulisha [you-LEE-sha] ~ Toshar's grandmother and Elderbard, one of the most honored positions in the land before the present tyranny.    
• Na'an [NAWN, rhymes with "fawn] ~ A Tikkan Dreamwalker. She weaves dreams and sometimes appears in them. Itʼs rare for her to appear to someone who is awake.
• O'ric [OH-rick] ~ An oracle, old yet ageless.
• Reesa Kam'ana [REE-sa ka-MAN-ah] ~ The Star Chantress.
• S'kryssna S'kyaga [sk-RISS-na skee-YA-ga] ~ Evil sorceress.

Everyone Else in Q'ntana (listed alphabetically)
• Ama'ray [AHM-ah-ray] Villager in The SunQuest.
• Ana [AH-nah] ~ Ethereal being in The SunQuest.
• An'Coro [an-CO-ro] ~ Kyri's general.
• Artos [AR-tos] ~ Court page.
• Bonda'ar [BONN-dar] ~ Character in one of Ben's stories and king of Hana Mar O Q'inaya [HA-na mar oh ki-NAY-ah].
• Co'anra [ko-AN-rah] ~ Twin brother to Co'anri.
• Co'anri [ko-AN-re] ~ Twin sister to Co'anri.
• Coriann [CO-ree-un] ~ Appears in one of Toshar's stories.
• Cormal [COR-mal] ~ One of S'kryssna S'kyaga's guardsmen (aka Ka-Rey: kah-RAY).
 Crozon [CRO-zun] ~ Innkeeper. Fynda's father. Mean, slovenly and abusive.
• Dadu [da-DU] - Garan's father.
• Dafna [DAF-na] ~ Kyri's younger sister.
• Fara [FA-rah] ~ Tough warrior queen of the Vilda'aa [vil-DAH] people.
• Forq'ad [FOR'kad] ~ One of the King's Men in The SunQuest (see Holgg).
 Fvorag [FOR-ag] ~ Cruel king of Q'ntana.

• Gorkat [GOR-kat] ~ One of S'kryssna S'kyaga's guardsmen (aka Ka-Tika: kah-TEE-kah). See also Holgg.
• Grandmother Dirqs (The Grandmother) [Durks] ~ Tom Dirqs's grandmother.
• Gravel [gra-VEL] ~ King of Q'ntana in The SunQuest.
• Grizz'm [GRIZ-em] ~ Gravel's first minister. 
• Gwil'm [GWILL-im] ~ Leader of the Tena'aa [ten-AH], a diminutive people with a reputation for fierceness, who give Eulisha and her bards sanctuary.
• Gwna [guin-AH] ~ Ethereal being who appears to TosharYoshiFynda and Garan in the Table of Prophecy, also known as Kol Kolai [kohl ko-LYE].
• Holgg [WHOLG, rhyme it with “bold,” but as though it had a “g” at the end] ~ Captain of the King's Men, the brutal army whose soldiers ride black stallions and dress identically in black shirts, pants, boots and masks.
 Kor'da [KOR-dah-] Villager in The SunQuest.
• Kronan [KRO-nun] ~ Retired soldier.
• Kyri [KEE-ree] ~ Crown prince and, later, King of Alanda [ah-LAHN-da], Q'ntana's ancient and never-conquered capital.
• Leq [LECK] ~ One of Micah M'renna's farmhands.
• Lanaya [la-NYE-ah] ~ A female scribe.

• Magritta [ma-GREET-ah] ~ Micah M'renna's housekeeper.
• Manu [ma-NOO] Appears in one of Toshar's stories.
• Marq'o [MARK-oh] ~ Villager in The SunQuest.
• Maysha [MAY-sha] ~ Villager in The SunQuest and wife of Rolo'en [ROH-low-en].
• Micah M'renna [MI-cah mer-REYN-na] ~ Mariah's uncle in The StarQuest.
• Miknos [MEEK-nos] ~ Court page
• M'naben [mi-NAH-bin] ~ A female scribe.

• Myrrym [MEER-im] ~ Zakk's wife.

• No'An'o [no-AHN-no] ~ guardian of the Do'Am portal in The StarQuest.

• Prak'ka [pra-KAH] ~ Captain of the King's Guard under Gravel (see Holgg).

• Ra'ina ~ [ra'EE-nah] ~ Friend of Panesh and wife of Yeer'ga [YEAR-gah].

• Rolo'en [ROH-low-en] ~ Villager in The SunQuest and husband of Maysha [MAY-sha].

• Ro'an [ROW-un] ~ Toshar's cousin.

• Simeon [SIM-ee-an] ~ Court page in Q'nta's Castle Rose.

• Tyanna [TEE-ya-nah] ~ Toshar's mother.

• Yeer'ga [YEAR-gah] ~  Friend of Panesh and husband of Ra'ina [ra-EE-nah].

• Yzythq'a [iz-ITH-kah] ~ Otherworldy oracle in The SunQuest.

• Zakk [ZACH] ~ Toshar's uncle and Eulisha's younger son, a sly, mean and abusive man who took over Tosharʼs schooling when Garan went missing.

Q'ntana's Creatures 
• Arukka [a-roo-KAH] ~ A tartaruca [tar-TAR-u-kah].
• Da'nay [dah-NAY] ~ Large, leopard-like creature.
• Freya [FRAY-ah] ~ A whale-like baleya [bah-LAY-ah].
• Fynn'Qya [fin-KEY-ah] A giant, fish-like thor'qya [thor-KEY-ah].
• Kep'cha [KEP-cha] A giant, black bird-like creature piloted by a thorag [THOH-rag].
• Meya [MAY-ah] ~ A whale-like baleya [bah-LAY-ah].
• Mishak [MEE-shahk] A kyrrel [KEE-rul]. Appears in one of Toshar's stories.
• Nayla [NAY-lah] ~ A black, menacing coyote/wolf-like creature with a bloodcurdling howl.
• Parika [pa-REE-kah] ~ A multicolored bird.
• Pryma [PREE-mah] ~ A tartaruca [tar-TAR-u-kah].
• Rykka [REE-kah] ~ One of Oric's magical horses, the pale blue of the dawn sky.
• S'kala [sih-KA-la] ~ A two-headed serpent.
• Ta'ar [TAR] One of Oric's magical horses, the smoky plum of dusk.
• Tashek [TAH-shek] ~ A creature that morphs between bird of fire and lion.
• The Q'ophar [KO-far] ~ Half man, half dragon.
• Thorag [THO-rag] A one-eye, troll-like drone that pilots a kep'cha [KEP-cha].
• Treya [TRAY-ah] ~ A whale-like baleya [bah-LAY-ah].

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