Friday, November 13, 2009


Wander in my words
Dream about the pictures
That I play of changes
~ Phil Ochs

If you're particularly observant, you'll notice that the header of this blog has changed. No longer titled The Voice of Your Muse, it's now titled simply with my name. Why? To reflect the blog's new, slightly broader scope and to reflect, as well, my philosophy that life, creativity and spirituality are all intrinsically linked.

In effect, I've suspended posts to my New Earth Chronicles blog (still filled with all kinds of good stuff, so check it out!). Instead, I'm consolidating all my blogging efforts here. The result will be a more dynamic blog, still focused on creativity but with a more eclectic flavor that should appeal to writers and nonwriters alike.

If you're already a subscriber to this blog, nothing will change for you. If you subscribe only to New Earth Chronicles, you will eventually be subscribed to this one, too, once Feedblitz merges the lists. If you'd rather not wait, simply use the subscription blank up top.

One more change to note: I've revamped and redesigned my web site. Please have a look.

I hope you'll continue to enjoy my musings on life and creativity here, and I encourage you to continue to share yours here, too -- with me and with each other.

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