Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Snap a Pic for Me and Promote Yourself / Part 6

Welcome to the latest installment of my online Readers' Gallery, featuring photos (and, now, videos, too!) of people from all over the U.S. and beyond reading my books -- in hard copy or ebook form. (You'll find previous posts and pics herehereherehere and here.)

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Here's what writer Amy Robbins-Wilson (video above, and first pic below) says about The MoonQuest, which she read twice this past summer. She recorded the video at the summit of Maine's highest peak: Mount Katahdin. (If the video doesn't show for you, click here.)
As a singer/songwriter/storyteller, this book spoke to my heart over and over. It tells of the dance between teller and tale and between singer and song. It takes you forward on an adventure that brings you back over and over again to a better self. If you love fantasy and story as I do, you will love this book. 

Here are words and pictures from five other readers -- four human and one feline...

It's sadly rare that TV- and radio-show hosts have the time to read the books of the authors they interview. One such rarity is Charmaine Lee (above), who interviewed me last month for her Insights for the Soul show on Blogtalk Radio. This was my third time on her 90-minute show, an appearance dedicated almost entirely to The MoonQuest.

K. Andrew Turner (below) is an L.A. writer, writing coach and workshop facilitator who tells me he frequently revisits The Voice of the Muse for inspiration, both for his own writing and for his work with other writers.

Another writer-reader is Denver's Abdul Jaafari (below), who's working on an epic fantasy series of his own, to be launched in the next months with The Empress of Mortar.

Not all my readers are writers! Christine Robertson (below) is an Albuquerque Zumba fitness instructor who just likes to curl up with a good book!

As for New York's Beatrice Lopatin (below), I suspect she may have misread the title, thinking it was The Voice of Mews. Still, I hear that her human, author Jared Lopatin, may have seized on Beatrice's error to read the book for himself.

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