Thursday, June 6, 2013

A New Look for an Old Video

With The MoonQuest book getting a new look and its paperback edition going out-of-print on June 15, I needed to find a way to update the one-minute book trailer that was created for it a year or so ago.

If I'd had the raw footage, I could have done it easily. But in one of those many miracles that surrounds my Q'ntana books -- and my life -- someone created the original trailer for me for free. Unfortunately, he disappeared from my life soon after, taking the raw footage with him.

Still, while not an iMovie expert, I was able to use the program to tweak the video...and here it is!

The only downside is that in replacing the video, I lost all my YouTube views. So please take a minute and watch it again if you saw the original, or for the first time if you missed it the first time around. If the video doesn't show up for you, use this link.

And, as a reminder, you can pick up a copy of the soon-to-be-discontinued paperback edition of The MoonQuest for only US$6.29 on or for US$5.99 (signed, if you want) from my website. But only until June 15, when the paperback edition goes out-of-print.

If you'd rather go digital, you'll find the ebook in the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBook and Google Play stores for your e-reader, tablet, computer or smartphone.

Now's a great time to read The MoonQuest. Why? Its sequel, The StarQuest, comes out on July 9...with the final installment in The Q'ntana Trilogy, The SunQuest, following on October 3 (in celebration of my birthday)!

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narniya said...

May be old video, but new look seems really awesome.