Sunday, June 2, 2013

The MoonQuest Goes Ebook-Only on July 1 ~ Last Chance to Get It in Paperback!

The past is passed. 
We let it go.

Say goodbye to this book cover and, by the end of June, to the paperback edition of The MoonQuest: A True Fantasy. --->

On July 1, The MoonQuest goes ebook-only, and the current paperback edition will go out-of-print.

Why am taking this seemingly radical step? I have both energetic and practical reasons.

Practically speaking, there aren't that many copies of the current paperback edition left. So this edition's days would be numbered, regardless of my current action.

But the energetic/symbolic reason is more important. When this edition was printed in 2007, there was no Q'ntana Trilogy and The MoonQuest's StarQuest and SunQuest sequels, though percolating on the far back burner of my mind, were nowhere in sight.

Since then, my MoonQuest/StarQuest/SunQuest trilogy has gained a name, the remaining books (and all three screenplay adaptations) have been finished, and artist Richard Crookes has designed a unified look for The Q'ntana Trilogy books and films, including new covers for The MoonQuest, as well as for the soon-to-be released StarQuest and SunQuest.

The old MoonQuest look is, well, old. And while Angela Farley's original artwork and Bob Spear's inside design served the book well in its first incarnation, it's time to move on -- to embrace an energy that represents both the full trilogy and the next expression of its potential. To quote from The MoonQuest itself, "The past is passed. We let it go."

The ebook edition of The MoonQuest already sports the new cover, and its insides have also been redesigned and updated (and typos corrected!) to match.

But why now? Well, The StarQuest, Book II in the trilogy, is set to release (finally!) on July 9. And it's important to me that this "old energy" be retired before that happens.

Now the really good news, especially if you haven't yet read The MoonQuest and need to get up to speed before its sequel launches next month:
• Paperback copies of The MoonQuest are now selling for US$6.29 on (down from US$16) through the end of the month)
• Would you prefer a copy signed by me to you or to a friend? You can get one right now on my website through this special link -- for only US$5.99. But only through the end of June. (Signed copies of The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write are also available through that link.)

If you'd prefer the new ebook version, you'll find it right now in the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBook stores. (Google Play is very slow at this sort of thing, but it will eventually be updated there as well.)

And don't forget to watch for The StarQuest (coming July 9), The SunQuest, final installment in The Q'ntana Trilogy (coming this fall), and The Q'ntana Trilogy Movies, coming in late 2014/early 2015 to a big screen near you!

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