Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beware the Mindless Spell-Checker

The spell-check program in use by the editors of a Pennsylvania high school yearbook decided to take matters into its own hands this spring, determining that several graduating students' names could not possibly be correct.

Thus, Alessandro Ippolito was listed in the yearbook as Alexandria Impolite, Max Zupanovic as Max Supernova, and Kathy Carbaugh as Kathy Airbag.

Nothing beats a humane, er, human proofreader

Source: The Week


Daniel Smith said...

Thanks for the laugh Mark - spell-check over dependence is definitely a growing trend it seems. About to post an article on a similar subject on my blog in a few mins, actually, come check it out in a bit.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith said...

Mark David,
As requested, the link to the post is here: Writing Wrongs: The Top 3 Common Homonym Mixups (And How to Avoid Them.)

Hope your readers enjoy today's lesson :P

Daniel Smith
Smithereens Blog

Mark David Gerson said...

Daniel: Posted homonymously, of course! ;-)