Thursday, June 5, 2008

Win a Signed Copy of The Voice of the Muse!

Congrats to Dave Rhodes (aka the Rhodester) who won first prize...and a signed copy of The Voice of the Muse!

A signed copy of The Voice of the Muse, my critically acclaimed book of tools, tips and inspiration for writers (from novices to published writers) is one of the prizes in a nifty "twitlit" contest just announced on the Smithereens blog.

To be precise, and concise, you need to write your best example of witty wordplay in 140 characters or less and post it on Twitter to enter.

Which means, of course, you'll have to join Twitter if you're not a member (but it's pretty painless and, hey, the chance of winning my book -- and others’ -- should make it worth the effort). Once you do join Twitter, be sure to look me up and add me to the list of folks you're following.

Remember: 140 witty characters could make you a winner! Enter today!! Click here for instructions.


Daniel Smith said...

Thanks for linking to the contest, it should be a lot of fun. I hope we get lots of participation.


Daniel Smith
Smithereens Blog

Mark David Gerson said...

Given your goal of writing a novel, Daniel, maybe you need to enter the contest so you can win a copy of my book!

Daniel Smith said...

Hm...Well, since I can't win my own contest, maybe you'll have to send an extra one my way for... um.. screening?