Monday, June 23, 2008

Is the Write Idea the Right Idea?

There are many good ideas out there in the ethers -- ideas for books and screenplays, ideas for songs, articles and poems. Your friends will suggest them. Your partner will suggest them. Your logical mind will suggest them.

You'll see something or hear about something and you'll think, "Wouldn't that make a great story?"

Maybe it would. Maybe it's yours to write. Maybe it's not.

There's a difference between a good idea and the right idea, between an idea that is anyone's for the taking and one that is uniquely yours, one that's right for you, right now.

Before you launch into a frenzy of research and writing, ask yourself: Is this what I’m called to write? Is this the call of my Muse, the story only I can tell? Or is this anyone's? Is this another good idea or is this the right idea for me?

Anyone can take a good idea and give it shape and substance. Some can do it better than you, some not as well.

Nobody can take the idea that sings to your soul and perform the kind of alchemy on it that you can. Only you can transform that idea into the one-of-a-kind gem it longs to be. That is why it, through your Muse, called to you...chose you.

Accept that you were chosen. Perform your magic. Let the right idea be the idea you write.

Right now.

~ from The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write. (c) 2008 Mark David Gerson


alexis said...

thanks for sharing these moving and inspiring thoughts. acting on my passionate ideas truly makes my heart sing. you should visit to see passionate ideas in action and seeking support.

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Jeremy (Thoughts On Quotes) said...

Very true Mark. People miss these kinds of opportunities all of the time, often just by failing to act on an inspired thought and get down some words. Thanks!